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Features of the K2 Protocol.

An economic engine for making restaking permissionlessly accessible as a digital security primitive.

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ETH-Backed Staking Tokens

Mint RSTs

Modular Security

Design and implement hyper growth mechanisms for your protocol or application with RSTs.

More ETH Security at Less Cost

Bootstrap your decentralized restaked services with a fraction of the cost and a dedicated ETH-backed liquidity options.

Test in Mainnet

Safetly test in prod. Try tokenomics or protocol functions in real-time.

RSTs for Faster Iteration

Every RST backed by its SBP staked ETH on K2 gives reliable security for your restaked service tokenomics.

DeFi Integration

Easily integratabtle with any DeFi application. Use RSTs for in protocol tokens, pass down slashing, incentives, emissions, and anywhere you could use an ERC20.

Preferred Node Operators

ETH protected node operators for the decentralized world.

Node Operators

Receive ETH from Restakers

As a Preferred Node Operator you can receive restaked ETH from all K2 restakers and use it as a slashable security for your node operation.

Available for Hire

You can opt into any networks that require node operators as you choose. You collect 20% earned rewards and share 80% with ETH delegated to you.

Additional Rewards

K2 restakers will earn additional rewards by delegating their ETH into one or more PNOs.

ETH Protected Node Operations

Any network that hire PNOs have absolute peace of mind because PNOs are fully protected by slashable ETH for their operations.

Preferred Reporters

Opt in to become a preferred reporter and earn more ETH by slashing PNOs.

Native Delegation

Restaking co-processor for every Ethereum validator.

Native Delegation

Seamless Integration

The Native Delegation module (MEV Plus) does everything on autopilot. Simply download and run the software. Single setup per node.

No Withdrawal Credential

Your air-gap security co-pilot for all restaking. Safe, secure, and reliable.

Protected Principle

No surprises. Just ETH and ERC20 yield.

Solo Staker & DVT Friendly

If you are an Ethereum validator we have you covered. All valiators are compatible.

Simplified Operations

Delegations, redelegations, and claims are all included.


Native Delegation in 10 Minutes - Watch the Video


Maintain blockchain integrity effortlessly, with no slashing risk.

K2 Reporter Docs

Lightweight and Ad-hoc

Anybody can become a Reporter with any device. A Reporter can never be penalized.

Get paid in ETH

The Reporter software automatically syncs all slashing logic from K2 and performs reports in autopilot.

Universal Compatibility

Create any slashing logic for any blockchain or any application that has internet access.

Programmable Slashing Logics

As a restaked application, you can utilize the Reporters to build any type of conditional monitoring, slashing, or payouts logic.


Developer toolings for the K2 contracts and off-chain components - Read Docs



What you can do with K2


860K + Compatible Validators

Add all Ethereum validators today.


Composable Trust

No matter how big or small you are, there is always an option to integrate with K2. Start with $100.


Incentivizing Decentralized Infrastructure

Run lightweight ZK software and automatically get paid in ETH.


Pay as You Go, Pay as You Grow

Access restaked security in a few clicks. Customize your position at any time.


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Do I need to sign anything myself?

Funds Safu?

Can I change my execution and/or beacon node URL?

Where do I set the contract addresses?

What happens when I change the validator keys on my node?

What is the representative address?

Can I have a different payout/fee recipient?

I am a DVT node operator. Can I participate?

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