Node Cloud

A permissionless marketplace for ETH secured node operations.

Node Cloud is a smart contract based marketplace for availing Preferred Node Operators (PNO) with ETH slashable protection for their node operators. Any decentralized network/middleware can register as kNetworks allowing PNOs to opt in for running nodes for their networks.

Liquid Delegations

For Preferred Node Operators

Any ETH node runner that has at least one natively delegated validator can register to become a PNO and receive delegations from K2 restakers protecting their node operators.

For ETH Restakers

All K2 restakers can make liquid delegations of their K2 ETH balance to as many PNOs as they desire in any amount. The liquid delegations can be changed or undelegated anytime.

The core tenet of Node Cloud is to incentivize geographic decentralization. It provides a capital free participation layer for node runners to opt in for any network while receiving ETH delegations from K2.
kNetworks have full optionality to set the rules of PNO opt ins. The marketplace has on-chain visibility on the kNetworks' node operations and payouts.

Access to Node Operators - Simplified

1. Registration

Join Restaking Cloud as a restaker, node operator, or middleware.

2. Participation

Select your role and delegator or PNO to join a kNetwork.

3. Marketplace Engagement

Put up your kNetwork node operating requirements, an let PNOs opt in.

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